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A new approach to sustainable textile dyeing. 

Green Matters is more than a natural dye company. We provide a service to our clients that is not only sustainable, but gives back to our planet. We critically examine the production systems available to luxury fashion and product brands as we strive for reciprocity with our planet. Green Matters Natural Dye Company produces and services plant based dyes, creating color containing no harmful color agents that we are able to reintroduce into the soil in the form of our exhausted dye baths as an organic fertilizer. We will service a natural fiber of your choice, or help you develop your textile by connecting you with one of the fiber producers in our network of producers that also strive for a more responsible production. By working with us, you are helping expand the future of eco friendly textiles as we constantly research the latest textile technology and farming techniques for our dye plants,

Manufacturing  a better

future for the planet.


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