Our service

Natural dyes offer a more sustainable production option to businesses selling textile based products. Green Matters works with makers, designers, and production teams to produce the color they desire from plant materials. Every fiber accepts botanical dye in different ways, making every dye lot we produce 100% unique.  We partner with a variety of mills, farms and other textile manufacturing businesses to help clients who want to source sustainable fibers and finishing services.

In-House Samples:

In order for you to get an idea of the look and hand feel of natural dyes, we will send a small booklet of in-house swatches. Included is a variety of different dye applications and fibers. You can purchase these here.

Custom Samples:

Each type of fiber takes natural dyes a little differently. It is important that we begin developing a color palette on the same fabric or fiber you will be using in production. For each dye you are interested in, we will provide 3-4 swatches demonstrating the colors that are achievable on your fiber.

Yardage: If you would like to have yardage dyed or piece dyeing, after swatching we dye 1-10 yards of sample yardage. This allows us to understand how much the fabric will shrink in the dye process, and give the designer enough to produce sample garments.

Yarn: Skein dyeing is how we process yarn. After swatching colors, we dye 1 100 gram skein in each color desired.

Garment Dyeing: If the designer wants dyeing to be the last step in manufacturing, garment dyeing is the way to go. After swatching, we process 1 garment in each style being dyed. This allows us to measure shrinkage, and allows for the designer to account for ease in pattern making.


Our lead times vary. Please allow 2 weeks for swatches or sample yardage.

Typically, amounts of 1000 yards or 500 pounds require 4 weeks. For larger orders, please inquire below.

Our service includes

  • a pre-wash, called scouring

  • a pre-mordant bath using metal salts and minerals to help the dye bind to the fiber

  • Dye bath

  • Washing

  • Finishing (Drying, pressing, packaging)